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Free US Shipping on Orders Over $199 (details)

An Overview of the World of Airsoft Guns, Accessories and Gears

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We prepared some short knowledgeable contents for people who are beginner and need to know more about airsoft guns and airsoft equipments, you can also take a look our editor pages for deep resources, lets take a look popular product group and categories ;

Airsoft electric guns :

Airsoft electric guns are the most popular item group in airsoft world, The most commonly used type of product is rifle in this group, there are thousands of products (replicas, unique designs, featured products) in the market,

Softair Rifles have enough space to put batteries in them, whereas softair pistols do not have much space for battery use, so pistols are mostly used as gas-powered airsoft weapons. The batteries can be charged in a short time and provide more than an hour of play. You should pay attention to the electrical product you're buying comes with a battery or not. Some manufacturers sell their batteries externally, and you will need to buy an additional battery. There are many different battery versions in the airsoft market, You can review the blog named everything about airsoft battery types, where I explained airsoft battery types in detail.

Electric automatic weapons are strong and have a high rate of fire. Additionally, they have a sizable magazine capacity. Use a large capacity magazine for an electric airsoft rifle to enable continuous firing for a longer period of time because the weapon will operate for as long as the battery is charged. You can purchase multiple of these rechargeable batteries to play games for hours on end without interruption. Electric airsoft rifles are a popular option for all types of gun models, ranging from compact submachine guns and assault rifles to support machine guns and sniper rifles. This is due to their rapid fire and large ammo capacity.

A battery provides power for the AEG. The motor that quickly swings a piston back and forth while working with a spring to compress and release air and propel BBs is powered by the battery. A hop-up system on the guns continuously feeds BBs into the chamber, enabling automatic fire. Additionally, they typically have a switch that lets the user choose between semi-auto and full auto firing.

Gas Powered Guns:

These weapons, which can be either pistols or rifles, are propelled either by CO2 or by green gas. Through the release of compressed gas, they move the BBs. Automatic or semi-automatic. They allow for blowback, which simulates a more realistic gun, sliding the action like a real steel gun. Gas guns work by simply releasing pressurized gas into the chamber of the gun, projecting the BB.

Gas powered products provide a more realistic use than electrical products, but since you need to buy green gas, propane or co2 cartridges constantly, they bring you extra costs, you can buy 12pack of co2 cartridges $15.99 and 8oz green gas cane $19.99 link is here to buy airsoft co2 cartridges and green gas. You can approximately shots 50-70 times with one co2 cartridge and also same amount of shots with green gas when you fill your mag with green gas.

Mechanism of Gas Blowback Products:

The most popular kind of gas-powered airsoft guns are blowback models. In comparison to spring-powered or conventional electric airsoft guns, the blowback functionality gives you a kick every time you fire, giving you a more realistic shooting experience. A gas canister, typically in the weapon's handle, is used to create the blowback. The next shot is loaded into the chamber when the shooter pulls the trigger, which causes gas to be released, propelling the pellet and pushing the gun back. As a result, GBB weapons can fire both semi- and fully-automatically.

The majority of GBB airsoft weapons are compact guns like pistols. This is due to the limited size of the mechanisms required to power AEGs. The handgrip of a pistol can accommodate a gas canister without taking up space in the magazine.

Spring Gun :

These weapons are affordable and simple to use and maintain. Although only semi-automatic, they are effective. The spring gun is manually fired by cocking a spring that, when released, presses air out of the chamber and launches the BB.

Once you have decided on your gun, you can start to think about accessorizing it. There are thousands of accessories for guns, many that are real and are compatible with your airsoft. You may prefer to keep your gun as is, but there are not only tactical advantages to accessories, but they add sexiness too!


Scopes :

There are many different types of scopes. A traditional crosshair scope is available in a variety of magnifications. Without magnification, scopes can also have a red or green dot or crosshair. When a little more accuracy is required in low light conditions, these kinds of sights can be especially helpful. Although most scopes come with covers, it might be a good idea to purchase flip-up covers that won't get lost and will keep your scope safe when it's not in use on the field. Consider your weapon's range, how you intend to use it, and how useful a scope will be for your preferred fighting style when choosing one.

Night vision :

A night vision scope offers obvious benefits in a night skirmish. Not to mention it is just plain cool.

Bipod :

A bipod comes in handy for those prone to going prone. They help with accuracy, and add better stability than your arms can offer.

Magazine Sleeves :

Magazine sleeves can be attached to the stock of your gun. Rather than having to reach for your pockets, the extra ammo is right there, ready to go for a quick reload.

Quick Reload Magazines :

There are magazine couplers available that allow you to have two magazines side by side for an ultra-quick reload.

Lasers :

When sighted correctly, lasers can significantly increase accuracy, especially in close quarters. However, because lasers have the potential to damage eyes, make sure to ask the opponents if they are okay with having a laser pointed at them.


In airsoft, silencers serve absolutely no purpose. But if all you're after is to make your gun more seductive, go for it!

You have your gun, and its accessories. Now you need ammo. What types of ammo are there for airsoft? Do they make marking ammunition? Tracers? All of these questions will be covered.


For airsoft, there are many different types of ammunition available. Most airsoft BBs will be 6mm in size. You can choose between plastic and biodegradable ammo to begin with. You can also choose from paint-filled or powdered BBs, but I don't advise either one because it could harm your barrel. Glow-in-the-dark ammunition is available to add a little extra excitement to nighttime gaming. You can select from a variety of weights on each of those materials, each of which has a different application.

.12 gram BBs

They may shoot at a higher velocity but at the expense of accuracy.

.20 gram BBs

The standard BB for airsoft is the .20 gram. Most airsoft guns are benchmarked with these BBs to test true FPS. This weight of BB will also give you the best ratio for speed and accuracy and work well with higher end AEGs and all other types of airsoft guns.

.25 gram BBs

You lose speed and range but you gain accuracy. Also note that a more powerful gun is required to shoot this weight.

.28 gram BBs

These are the most accurate, but can ONLY be used with sniper rifles or upgraded AEGs.


When playing airsoft, there are many risks to your physical safety. The guns used in the sport can shoot BBs at speeds of up to 700 feet per second (although most fields limits to 350-500). In order to avoid the nasty injuries, it is very important to wear protection. First and foremost, you need safety goggles, you also may consider a full face mask. Proper clothing reduces or eliminates the sting of  the BBs, any long sleeve shirt and pants will do, but for more protection, the looser and more layers the better.


Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body when it comes to airsoft BBs. Because of this, it is very important that you wear proper protection. As a bare minimum, shooting glasses should be worn; however, it is suggested that you wear glasses/ goggles that meet ANSI, ANSI is the acronym for the American National Standards Institute, a none profit organization that serves as administrator of the United States private sector voluntary standardization system. The regulations set forth by ANSI are more than enough to ensure your eyes will be ok from a shot directly in front of you. However, when a shot comes from the side, or a BB ricochets, your eyes still may be in danger. For this reason, it is suggested that you wear goggles or a mask that encloses your eyes completely.


BBs shot from airsoft guns can easily cause welts, and in some cases will break your skin. In order to prevent the paintful impact of BBs, you should try to have as little exposed skin as possible. Another consideration is that when running through a heavily forested area, you will constantly be in contact with branches, brush, thorns and even poisonous plant life. BDUs(Battle Dress Uniforms) are commonly used by airsoft players around the world. They are thick enough to reduce the sting of a BB, and some are designed to handle the wear and tear that goes along with battle. BDUs will also protect you from poisonous/irritating plants and thorns.


Wearing a balaclava is one way to protect your head/face from the sting og BBs. It also looks rally cool.


Gloves give limited protection from BBs, but come in very handy when hitting the ground fast. Before you go buy a pair of gloves to play in, make sure you consider whether your fingers will still be able to access your trigger.

Knee and Elbow Pads:

Airsoft is about realism, in real battle, you want the ability to hit the ground quickly, jumping for cover, avoiding enemy fire. Your are also very prone to tripping when running through the forest, especially when trying to use your gun at the same time. In order to protect your knees and elbows from impact with the ground, it is suggested you get some knee and elbow pads.