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Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 5" CO2 Airsoft Revolver

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Do you feel lucky? The Umarex 5” Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum "Dirty Harry" Co2 revolver is a Co2 airsoft revolver that has everything you could want in an airsoft revolver. This Umarex M29 airsoft revolver is Co2 powered and functions similarly to a real revolver. This S&W revolver looks and feels just like the silver one used in the iconic Dirty Harry movies, and comes with six silver, polished cartridges. The cylinder holds six cartridges, and each cartridge holds one 6mm airsoft BB. The Co2 revolver can be fired in double or single action, meaning that the hammer can either be cocked back before each shot or the trigger can be used to cock the hammer and fire. We recommend our Valken 12g Co2 Cartridges for use with this Umarex airsoft pistol.
Gas Type: Co2
Muzzle Velocity: 340 FPS
Magazine Capacity: ships with six 1rd cartridges
Package Includes: Gun,6x Cartridges,and Manual